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Vital Investment Program is a private investment program and runs by business professionals in a thrust to maximize return on investments over the short-term period, compatible to the degree of risk acceptable to the fund. The result is a carefully tailored approach to fund management which places strong emphasis on fundamental and technical analysis.


Investments are focused mainly on foreign exchange dealing and commodity trading. In order to maintain the healthy performance of the program in terms of stable & high returns, we require a large investment funds. In this connection, we invite investors to participate in the program.

The Program


Investors will be paid 10% everyday for 30 days (i.e. 300% returns). Referrals will be rewarded with 10% referral bonus.


Rules of the Program

1.       VIP only accepts E-gold.

2.        Minimum investment is USD1.00 to the maximum of USD1,000.00.

3.       Multiple investment are allowed.

4.       Payment of daily returns will be remitted directly into investors' e-gold account, the first of which will begin the next GMT day.

5.       30-days daily returns will run consecutively excluding Saturday and Sunday.

6.       Referral bonus will be paid into referrals' e-gold account within 48 hours from date of investment.

7.       Please indicate referrals' e-gold account in the "Spend Memo".

8.       There is no administration fee.

9.       Investors are advised to e-mail us at should any further information and/or clarification required.

Our 2nd e-mail address is


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